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Soft Washing Near Me

Most exterior house cleaning requires some balance of power washing and soft washing. Each method comes with its own pros and cons, and each method thrives in its own niche. In comparison to pressure washing, soft washing is much less often associated by the public with exterior cleaning, mostly because people don’t generally think about washing their entire house! It is also a much newer method of house cleaning.

home and residential soft washing near meIn some cases, however, soft washing is the necessary method to prevent damage to already-fragile surfaces, as well as to remove organic growth that cannot be removed with pressure alone. This article will address what exactly soft washing is, and why it may be beneficial to your property.

The Basics of Soft Wash House Cleaning

Soft washing, originally designed to rid roof shingles of algae, is the process of applying chemicals to the outside of the home using a low-pressure stream of water. The soft wash chemicals are sprayed on in a similar fashion to pressure washing, but the operator does not have to be nearly as close for the method to be effective.

The typical chemical agents used for soft washing are bleach and a foaming agent that is similar to dish soap. Because soft washing involves chemicals, it may seem dangerous to your plant environment; however, once the chemicals are mixed into the water, the bleach in the mixture is only about the same concentration as pool water. There are also non-bleach chemicals available for professionals to use. These chemicals are eco friendly but might not clean the hardest of stains.

After the chemicals are applied, they are left to dissolve mold, moss, mildew, and algae. While the bleach kills the unwanted organic materials, the foaming agent stops those materials (as well as dirt, spider webs, etc…) from clinging to the surface of the home. Once the dissolving is complete, the home is rinsed with another low-pressure stream, this time of only water, to remove the chemicals and debris from the surface.

Why soft wash your home?

  • Residential safety

    : Organic materials such as mold, mildew, and algae can be harmful to human inhalation. Soft washing kills these materials at the molecular level to prevent cells being left behind that would otherwise quickly reproduce.

  • Curb appeal for you home

    : The obvious reason- soft wash house cleaning keeps your home looking beautiful!

  • Gentle cleaning process

    : The low pressure of a soft wash reduces the overall risk of damage to surfaces and prevents the homeowner from potentially voiding a building material contract.

  • Convenience and cost-efficiency:

    Less equipment is required. Because the entire wash can be done at ground level with the exception of the roof (and homes taller than 50 feet, or about five stories), the cleaner can avoid the need for ladders and/or scaffolding.

  • Reduced energy consumption:

    Dirtier walls and roofs, which are often darker in color, attract more sunlight. During summer months, this can significantly increase cooling costs.

  • Longer lifespan for your residence:

    Mold, bacteria, and algae degrade the house surface, reducing the lifespan of roofs and siding significantly